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  • Pimp Edition

    Hybeernatig, over.

    Back to the Lab

    Some teasers.
    p/s, a/c, cruise.
    Hecho en Alemania

    I know
    it's big

    now what's wrong with this picture?

    Cleaning it now. Waiting for parts. Nothing fancy just another PimpWagen.

    OK back to work/class.

    Hecho en México.

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    Re: Pimp Edition

    Yo dat is going to be fly Pimp.

    but I don't think some of the parts work anymore.


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      Re: Pimp Edition

      hm yah ok.
      i was wondering where in the world you went foo.

      jeezzz....hibernating?..more like cryogenically stored for a couple of years..

      nice to show your face again.:cheers:
      2001 Audi A4 k04 GIAC manual
      1999 G2 supercharged passat manual


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        Re: Pimp Edition

        pimp who?
        gti +12psi
        Troy-Bilt 6.75hp


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          Re: Pimp Edition

          Nice, but there is no room to mount a corrado wing.


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            Re: Pimp Edition

            Guess a little mad science from an evil genius

            I have 2 corrado wings now & nowhere to put them....

            We'll I stared down at this

            #1 is Fried

            After the last beer

            and now it sits like this.

            Any tips on getting the sh*&^y C clamps on that toilet bowl of a down pipe
            back on?

            Anyone have a bolt style header & d/p laying arround, maybe from the 1.7
            or a diesel MKI?

            Questions, Comments, Beer money.
            Bring 'em
            Hecho en México.


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              Re: Pimp Edition

              Say man you should have told me you were doing a tear down I would have helped out.

              Nice pick up btw
              Boardwalk VW

              97 Black Jetta 2.0


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                Re: Pimp Edition

                Originally posted by TheNewGuy
                Say man you should have told me you were doing a tear down I would have helped out.

                Nice pick up btw

                Bring Cerveza.

                Parts should be here Saturday.
                hopefully I'll have it rolling by next week
                *crossing fingers*
                Hecho en México.


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                  Re: Pimp Edition

                  Getting closer to the

                  "PimpWagen" special tools

                  & since I still had all my limbs/fingers.

                  So fresh.
                  so clean.

                  Most of the time I'm waiting on parts.
                  It's gonna be a daily, so I want to replace whatever could go wrong while i'm here.

                  Oil pan baffle
                  Oil pump

                  i'm replacing all seals, gaskets, O-Rings & vacuum lines.

                  replacing all fluids.
                  G12 for cooling
                  dino oil
                  scented windshield washer fluid
                  re-charging the R12.

                  I would really like to replace this d/p tho.
                  anyone have any one that would fit this car?
                  prob. one from a 70's bunny?
                  Hecho en México.


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                    Re: Pimp Edition

                    I am pretty sure I have an extra manifold and downpipe (4-2-1). I don't know for sure when I'm going out to storage next. Maybe this weekend or Friday...not sure.
                    1977 2.0L 16V Rabbit


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                      Re: Pimp Edition

                      None of it matters. You have the right beer, so everything else will fall into place. It will all be okay now.