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APR Intercooler Hose

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  • APR Intercooler Hose

    It looks like one of the silicone hoses has torn. Is there any place locally that would have anything similar or would I need to go back through APR?

    The hose I need is the "s" shaped hose on the left side in the attached picture.

    Here is the url to the intercooler kit
    '74 Audi Fox 1.5L of fury ~smokes the competition~

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    damn, so much power you split the hose! lol
    MKV GTI K04


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      Yeah probably have to go through apr


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        Dubsquared came through for me on this....I was able to get one from them. Thank you Dubsquared!
        '74 Audi Fox 1.5L of fury ~smokes the competition~