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FS - 3SDM 0.06 Staggered Setup + 2 extra & FK Coilovers

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  • FS - 3SDM 0.06 Staggered Setup + 2 extra & FK Coilovers

    Selling my car soon and looking to put it back to stock so I am selling the wheels.

    They are a set of 3DSM/0.06/18in/5x112

    I have 5 of these rims, 2qty of 8.5x18 and 3qty of 9.5x18

    I was running them as a staggered setup. currently the 8.5x18s have decent thread left on the tires. Tires are Nankang AS-1, 215 x 40R x R18 the other 3 do not have any tires.

    The 8.5x18 were purchased new and the 9.5x18 were purchased used. The 8.5's are in near perfect condition while all of the 9.5's have a little curbage. Would like to sell all 6 for $1,000 including the two good tires.
    Here is a picture of them on the car:

    I also have a set of FK Streetline Coilovers that have been on the car for 1.5 years for about 15,000mi. I have had no problems with them. $300

    **Also willing to trade for Macbook Pro or camera equipment**

    If you would like to get individual pictures of the wheels PM and I can text them to you.
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    I've always liked those wheels. Sharp. GLWS
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      *Still for sale everything is OBO if you want pictures of the indivdual wheels, please text me at 817-sevenzero3-79eightone


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        Anyone looking for a set of new rollers. Willing to go down to $250 for the FK Streetline's